Horse Boarding – Move-In Special

Download the form here

Download the form here

Please read this important information.

  1. The Free Board – 1st Month with Contract is based on an agreement to board a minimum of twelve consecutive months at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center (LAEC) or Triple R Stable (TRS) and be current with all board accounts during the term.
  1. New or returning horses are eligible for the Free Board – 1st Month with Contract.
  1. A completed boarding agreement and security deposit is required for each horse boarded at LAEC or TRS.  The boarding agreement and security deposit must be submitted prior to the horse occupying the stall.  The security deposit is equal to the current one-month boarding fee.  The security deposit is refundable with the written departure notice being submitted to LAEC Main Office a minimum of 15-days before departure.  The full amount, less any balance due for boarding or other charges, will be returned to the listed owner and address on the boarding agreement.
  1. The Boarding Account must remain current during the twelve months.   If board payments are not current (more than 20 days past due) the Free Board will not apply.  The security deposit will be used for any unpaid boarding charges including the first month applied free board.  Additionally, the boarder will be required to pay a security deposit within thirty (30) days of notification.
  1. This offer may not apply with any other discount or special offer.
  1. The Free Board – 1st Month with Contract is a limited time offer and will end July 1, 2014 or earlier with 30-day notice to the LAEC and TRS boarders and trainers.


  1. The Main Office (818) 840-9063 is available to assist with the completion of the agreements and forms or answer any questions about the Move-In Special.


With your signature below the new boarder acknowledges and agrees to the listed instruction.