Large Polo Stalls

Large Polo Stalls

Double Polo Barn Stall

10 x 20 ft.

$737.00 per month.

Regular Polo Stall

Regular Polo Stall

Single Polo Stalls

10 x 10 ft.

$534.00 per month

Trainers at the Polo Barn

Above Rates Include:

  • Twice daily feedings of alfalfa cubes, daily cleaning of stalls and clean wood shavings added on an as needed basis.
  • Owner must complete and sign the Center’s Boarding Agreement in addition to providing payment for first month’s board and a security deposit equaling a full month’s board for each horse to be boarded.  The payment and boarding agreement must be received at the time of, or prior to move-in – no exceptions.  Arrangements must be made through the LAEC Stabling Manager.
  • Board payments are due by the 1st of each month and late if received after the 10th.  Owner is responsible for providing all veterinary, farrier, training, insurance and special services.

For additional information on facility usage and availability, please contact:


Office: (818) 333-1416    –    Cell: (818) 535-2370